Tom Rollins Is One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The Internet Marketing Industry Today

His success started at the young age of 29 with a small business that operated from his home. The idea for The CEO Formula was born from his desire to become financially independent and to save his mother a substantial amount of money that she was paying him each month. He had already achieved this feat at the time of his birth. The CEO Formula is designed to help Tom Rollins achieve financial freedom by teaching him the techniques to use an online business effectively in order to save and spend only what he can afford. The book is designed to be easy to follow and its six chapters cover every aspect of becoming financially free.

The main thesis of the book is that shareholder value is at its lowest point since WWII.A CEO Formula second thesis is that value is at a peak. The crux of bothses thesis is that if you have money invested in stocks or mutual funds, you are getting very little return on your investment and this is not necessarily a good thing. The author contends that if a person had a vision for the future, he could use quantitative methods to help him make his determination. More than likely, most people don’t have a vision for their retirement years but with the right tools, they can determine where their money will be spent upon so that they can live comfortably during their golden years and hopefully continue to provide for their families after they pass. The author bases his work on the Theory of Replacement Effects which is based on the fact that people generally want to spend their money on things that they will actually use rather than items that they simply want to have.

This is only one of the ten strategies devised by Tom Rollins in his new book entitled “A Georgetown University College Professors Revealed: Ten Strategies for the 21st Century Student.” The other strategies are: Using Twitter, Value Investing, Geographical Diversity, Executive Success, Non-linear Thinking, Competitive Edge, Innovation, Risk and Returns and much more. We can only wait and see if Tom Rollins’ formula will indeed be the one to launch Georgetown University into a new era

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