For A Very Long Time, The Pickup Truck Bed Camper Was The Only Option For Family Vacations

The advent of larger vans allowed more room and cargo space on board but the sheer size and weight of these vehicles were a problem. To be able to tow a truck and have room for a full compliment of camping gear meant that you either had to go with a Class A or B camper. Now that there is an option for the full-sized truck camper it has opened the playing field for campers.

Some Class C RVs comes equipped with a larger bed that is capable of holding at least six or eight people. These pop-up truck camper units are very popular in the off-road community (again, for those that like to get off-grid). Because they are more difficult to tow than most standard features on a truck they usually cost a little more money. However, if you enjoy the off road or travel longer distances then you will find a truck bed camper a real benefit.

The second class of pickup truck campers are custom camper vans known as the Class C vans. These are the same as the original Class campers but now have more interior space and are less expensive. This is one choice for campers that need a little bit more storage room and want to be able to haul a lot of gear. The Class C camper can fit into most standard work trucks but the best models will have enough room to comfortably fit six people inside. If you can’t afford the Class C rv models that offer extra features like the double beds, then just avoid the Class C vans that aren’t equipped to hold more than a couple of people.

The third class of pickup truck camper is known as the Class D. The Class D campers aren’t as popular as the Class C and D’s, but they do still have their loyal fans. Class D campers tend to offer more room than most Class A campers, but they don’t offer the same amount of storage space. This Class of truck bed camper has all the benefits of a Class A camper, such as the double wide, full sized bed, but they also have a low roof that offers no cargo space. This makes them perfect for anyone who doesn’t plan on hauling anything behind their camper.

Class E campers fall between the second two above. They offer the best overall camper package. The best class of truck bed camper is the Class E, but there are also other models to choose from. The Class E offers the most room in the back but that comes at the expense of having no cargo space. You will also find that the Class E camper offers the best amount of pop up capability and easy to use turnbuckles and ties downs.

For a small family with less than ten people the Class C or D campers will be perfect. These smaller campers still have plenty of room, however it may be lacking in the pop up ability of the Class E camper. For families with larger vehicles you may want to look into the fiberglass construction method over the traditional canvas and metal sling choice.

Fiberglass campers are built to be the sturdiest campers available. They are designed to hold up against the toughest weather conditions. The built in aluminum frame holds two pieces of metal along with hinges and zippers that help hold everything in place. The truck bed camper design used by these campers is so sturdy, it will not rust like metal truck camping setup will. Also the pop up capability of the Class C campers makes them easier to tow because everything is held securely in place.

These campers can fit right inside your pickup truck easily and then you can take off the lid and slide right on. You can find great prices on these Class C pop up truck bed campers as well. There is a model for just about every kind of vehicle out there, including RVs. The best thing about these RV campers is that you do not have to worry about the elements getting to your campsite. You can get right on with your life and drive home knowing that you have taken advantage of the most rugged and reliable way to travel – no matter what you drive

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