Circolo , NYC – Authentic, Classic Italian Dishes

The former Circolo restaurant in New York recently rebranded itself and in September, debuted as “Circolo45” with a redesigned look and new chef. Executive Chef and General Manager, Daniele Sicuranza, is now bringing classic Italian dishes with modern touches to the NoHo neighborhood.

The redesigned look now offers an intimate and relaxed environment with high ceilings, a long bar and a tall communal table. The walls are adorned with one-of-a-kind black ink drawings of some of the most famous Italian men and women from the 1950s and 1960s, including the famous singer, Mina, and renowned fashion designer, Valentino.

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Circolo45 is a contemporary comfortably chic trattoria specializing in Italian cuisine. As an ode to a classic Italian 21st century dining experience, dishes are traditional yet served with a modern twist. You can look forward to house made fresh pasta and high quality ingredients – the likes of porcini mushrooms, white truffles and wild boar–on our seasonally inspired menus.

Circolo45 is where people gather to savor the simple pleasures of food, drink and conversation in a relaxed environment. Indeed, “circolo” means both circle and club in Italian; the latter circolo being a local spot to meet friends, play cards, discuss current affairs and enjoy an aperitivo. Circolo45 exudes this inclusive, effortless spirit of community, while showcasing classic Italian cuisine with contemporary embellishments from Executive Chef Daniele Sicuranza’s kitchen. A kitchen which handcrafts our bread and pasta daily. Viaspettiamo al Circolo45… we warmly await your arrival!